The Ultimate Guide to Various Balenciaga Bag Styles

Do you find it difficult to choose the Balenciaga bag that is the perfect fit for you?

Our guide to the various styles of Balenciaga bags provides an easy overview to the well-known lines of the brand, allowing you to select a bag that is a reflection of your individual preferences and lifestyle.

By providing you with clear descriptions of each style, ranging from the timeless Balenciaga City bag to the revolutionary Triple S, we give you the ability to make a decision with complete assurance.

Dive in to find your perfect match in the world of Balenciaga.

Key Takeaways from this guide:

Knowledge about the top 21 Balenciaga bags.

Overview of Balenciaga's wide range of materials.

Tips for buying new & pre-loved Balenciaga bags.

Balenciaga Part Time Leather Bag

The Balenciaga City Styles

Dive into the world of Balenciaga City with us.

The Balenciaga City designer bag is known for their chic motorcycle-inspired design, the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags, also known as motorcycle bags or City bags, have become a symbol of modern luxury and style.

From the Classic Balenciaga City bag to the Metallic Edge Balenciaga City bag, each style has a distinct personality, yet all share the iconic elements that make Balenciaga bags so sought after, including the popular Balenciaga motorcycle city bag.

Let's explore these designs in more detail.

Balenciaga Beige City Bag

Classic City

The Balenciaga City Bag, also known as the Classic City bag, is a true testament to Balenciaga's craftsmanship.

Its features:

  • Available in a myriad of vibrant colours

  • Made from exquisite materials like lambskin leather and calfskin leather

  • Measures 25x38x13cm, making it an ideal choice for those who need a spacious yet stylish bag.

The Classic Balenciaga City bags is not just a bag; it's a timeless piece that transcends trends and seasons, making it a must-have for any designer bag aficionado.

Balenciaga Pink Leather Giant Bag

City S & Mini City & City L

Here you can read about the three sizes of the City bag.

Stepping into the realm of Balenciaga City S, you'll discover a diverse palette of colors and materials. Measuring 21x30x10cm, it's a compact yet practical option for those who prefer a smaller bag without compromising their sense of luxury.

The Balenciaga City S is a testament to Balenciaga's ability to create versatile designs that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.

If you are someone who values ​​compactness and efficiency, the Mini Balenciaga City bag is the perfect match for you.

Available in a variety of colors and materials, the Mini Balenciaga City bag:

  • Measures 16x25x10cm

  • Provides a perfect balance between functionality and style

  • Is a testament to Balenciaga's commitment to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele.

For those who require more space, the Balenciaga City L bag is a perfect choice. With its size of 32x48x17cm, the Balenciaga City bag offers ample room for all your essentials and more.

Available in various colors and materials, the Balenciaga City L is a testament to Balenciaga's expertise in creating functional yet fashionable items.

Balenciaga Gary Giant City Bag

Nano City

The Nano Balenciaga City bag is the smallest among the Balenciaga City designs , but don't let its small size fool you. Measuring just 10x16x6cm, it's a compact powerhouse available in different colors and materials.

It's the perfect choice for those who prefer to carry only their essentials in style.

Balenciaga Beige City back

Metallic Edge City & Giant 12 City

Step into the spotlight with the Metallic Edge Balenciaga City bag. This sense of luxury features shiny metal details and plates, adding a touch of glam to the iconic Balenciaga City bag design.

The Metallic Edge Balenciaga City bag is available in various colors and materials, the Metallic Edge City bags share similar sizes with the Classic Balenciaga City bag, offering a glamorous twist to the classic design.

Make a bold statement with the Giant 12 Balenciaga City bag. Showcasing oversized hardware and available in a variety of colors and materials, these items share similar sizes with the Classic City.

The Classic City is a sense of luxury that adds a bold edge to any outfit, perfect for those who dare to stand out.

Balenciaga Black Crossbody Bag, Balenciaga City Lambskin Leather bag, A Purple Balenciaga bag

The Balenciaga Everyday Styles

Now that we've covered the Balenciaga City designs, let's move on to talking about the Everyday bag styles that Balenciaga has to offer.

These designs are designed with functionality in mind, and they come in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate your practical requirements on a daily basis.

From the compact XS Tote to the spacious Large Tote and the versatile Backpack, there's an Everyday bag for every lifestyle.

Everyday XS, Small, Medium, and Large Tote Bags

The Everyday XS Tote is a compact yet functional bag that comes in various colors and materials. Measuring 21x26x10cm, it's the perfect accessory for those who prefer a smaller bag for their daily activities.

The Everyday XS Tote is a testament to Balenciaga's commitment to creating functional and fashionable goods for everyone.

The Everyday Small Tote offers a bit more space without compromising on style. Available in different colors and materials, it measures 29x37x15cm, making it a great option for those who need a bit more room for their essentials.

The Everyday Small Tote is a practical yet stylish addition to any bag collection.

The Everyday Medium Tote strikes the perfect balance between space and luxury. Available in various colors and materials, this handbag measures 33x42x16cm.

Whether you're off to work or running errands, the Everyday Medium Tote is your reliable companion that doesn't compromise on style.

For those who seek ample space in their bags, the Everyday Large Tote is the ideal choice. With its size of 39x52x18cm and available in various colors and materials, it's a bag that doesn't fall short on luxury or space.

It's a perfect testament to Balenciaga's commitment to design bags, including their popular Balenciaga handbags, that cater to various needs and preferences.

Chanel Sports Line Waist Bag

Everyday Camera Bag, Backpack, and Belt Bag

The Everyday Camera Bag is a compact yet stylish option that comes in different colors and materials. Measuring 11x18x5cm, it's the perfect bag for those who love to keep their essentials close in a sleek and stylish manner.

This bag is a true representation of Balenciaga's dedication to creating designs that are as functional as they are fashionable.

The Everyday Backpack offers a stylish solution for those in need of a hands-free bag. Available in various colors and materials, this bag measures 34x42x14cm.

Whether you're off to work, school, or a day out exploring, the Everyday Backpack is a practical and trendy choice.

For those who prefer a hands-free and compact bag, the Everyday Belt Bag is an ideal choice. Available in multiple colors and materials, it measures 14x27x8cm.

This bag is perfect for those on the go, proving that luxury, functionality, and comfort can coexist.

Balenciaga Everyday White Tote bag, Balenciaga Everyday Black Tote bag and Balenciaga Everyday Pink Camera bag

The Balenciaga Hourglass Styles

The Hourglass designs are a range that showcases the innovative designs and craftsmanship of Balenciaga. Let's now turn our attention to these designs.

These types of bags are characterized by their distinctive silhouette, and they are offered in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of situations and requirements.

Let's delve deeper into each design, if you are interested in a bag that has an interesting characteristic.

Black Balenciaga Hacker Hourglass, Gucci X Balenciaga Hacker Hourglass

Hourglass Small, XS, Medium, and Large bags

The Hourglass Small bags are the epitome of elegance and style. Available in various colors and materials, they measure 14x18x8cm, making them a chic option for those who prefer smaller bags.

With their distinctive silhouette, Hourglass Small bags add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

The Hourglass XS offers a compact and chic option for luxury enthusiasts. Available in different colors and materials, they measure 12x16x6cm. These items are a perfect choice for those who prefer to carry just the essentials while making a fashion statement.

The Hourglass Medium offers a perfect balance between luxury and functionality. Available in multiple colors and materials, they measure 18x25x9cm, making them a great option for those who need a bit more space without compromising on style.

The Hourglass Large are a testament to Balenciaga's innovative design and craftsmanship. Available in various colors and materials, they measure 22x32x12cm, offering ample space for all your essentials. With their distinctive silhouette, the Hourglass Large bags make a bold fashion statement.

2 Balenciaga Hourglass bags

Hourglass Top Handle

The Hourglass Top Handle bags are a chic and stylish option that come in different colors and materials. Measuring 16x21x8cm, they are a versatile choice for those who prefer a handbag with a top handle.

The unique silhouette of these itms adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit.

3 Balenciaga Hourglass Top Handle bags

Hourglass Wallet on Chain & Hourglass Card Holder and Wallets

The Hourglass Wallet on Chain bags are perfect for those who prefer a compact and hands-free option. Available in various colors and materials, they measure 11x19x4cm.

Whether you're going out for a casual day or a glamorous night, these bags are your perfect companion.

The Hourglass Card Holder and Wallets offer compact storage in multiple colors and materials. With sizes ranging from 8x11x2cm to 10x19x2cm, they are perfect for keeping your cards and small essentials organized in style.

These pieces showcase Balenciaga's commitment to practical yet fashionable designs.

Black Balenciaga Hacker Hourglass, Gucci X Balenciaga Hacker Hourglass

Typical Balenciaga materials

Balenciaga handbags are not just about style and design; they are also about the materials and hardware that make each bag unique.

From the Classic Balenciaga hardware to the shiny Metallic Edge and the oversized Giant 12, each hardware style adds a distinctive touch to the bag.

Let's explore these materials and finishes in more detail.

Balenciaga Pony Hair City Bag

Classic Hardware & Limited Edition Treasures

Balenciaga's Classic hardware, also known as “Arena,” is traditionally made with antiqued brass. This small yet stylish hardware can appear in different color tones such as gold or silver, depending on the collection, adding a classic and timeless touch to the bags.

Balenciaga's Chèvre leather (goatskin leather) and Veau leather (calfskin leather) are used in specific, limited collections such as the Metallic Edge styles.

These limited edition bags often feature unique materials and hardware not commonly found in standard collections, making them a true treasure for collectors and fashion enthusiasts.

Balenciaga multi-colour Leather Classic City back

Giant 12 Hardware & Giant 21 Hardware

The Giant 12 Balenciaga hardware, introduced in 2012, replaced the Giant 21 hardware.

Produced in silver, gold, and rose gold finishes, the Giant 12 hardware is smaller in size compared to its predecessor, adding a subtle yet stylish touch to the bags.

Between 2007 and 2012, the Giant 21 Balenciaga hardware was showcased on bags, adding a bold and iconic touch to their designs.

Noticeably larger in size compared to Classic hardware, it was available in silver, gold, and rose gold, adding a bold and distinctive touch to the bags.

Balenciaga Piper Zip Yellow bag

Metallic Edge, Caged, and Minimal Hardware

Balenciaga's Metallic Edge collection is known for its shiny metal details along with metal plates.

Featured on specific limited collections, such as the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag range, the Metallic Edge hardware adds a glamorous touch to the bags.

Caged hardware is a unique yet understated addition to Balenciaga items. While specific details about this hardware style are scarce, it's a testament to Balenciaga's continuous innovation and commitment to creating unique and distinctive designs.

Balenciaga's Minimal hardware offers a subtle and sleek touch to the bags. While specific details about this hardware style are scarce, it's a testament to Balenciaga's commitment to creating designs that cater to various and your personal preference, from bold and eye-catching to subtle and understated.

Balenciaga Papier Mini back

Logo Hardware & Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold Finishes

Logo hardware often features the brand's logo prominently displayed on the back. Materials used for bags with Logo hardware include cotton canvas, calfskin leathers, and leather tag, showcasing the logo as a key visual element, followed by an interior tag to ensure the authenticity of the bag.

This hardware style is a testament to Balenciaga's brand identity and its prominence in the designer industry.

Balenciaga offers hardware finishes in silver, gold, and rose gold across various hardware styles including Classic, Giant 12, and Giant 21.

The rose gold hardware, that balenciaga released in 2011, features a beautiful rosy golden tint on all the studs and zippers, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the bags.

Balenciaga gray city bag, Balenciaga Giant 21 Day Hobo bag, Balenciaga Ville bag

Tips for Buying New & Pre-Loved Balenciaga Bags

Purchasing a Balenciaga item is an investment, and it's crucial to research the market to ensure you're getting a fair deal. Whether you're buying a new bag directly from Balenciaga or considering a pre-loved bag from a reputable reseller.

New Balenciaga items can be purchased directly from the official Balenciaga website, which offers a variety of the latest collections. They can also be found in official Balenciaga boutiques and high-end department stores.

Online luxury retailers and global platforms also feature new Balenciaga bags, offering a diverse selection for Balenciaga aficionados worldwide.

Purchasing pre-loved designer bags can be a great way to own a Balenciaga bag at a more affordable price.

Reputable resale sites, such as our website, focus on authenticity, making them reliable platforms for pre-loved designer bags.

It's crucial to inspect the handles, zippers, and hardware for condition, and check for signs of wear such as corner scuffs, leather aging, and interior stains.

Using platforms that offer buyer protection services can ensure a safer transaction, and looking for promo codes and discounts can potentially reduce the cost.

Balenciaga Tote bag, black Balenciaga Papier bag, and a vintage Balenciaga bag


The Balenciaga City Bag, a hallmark of modern luxury, merges artistic innovation with timeless elegance. Designed by creative directors who have seamlessly blended the brand's heritage with contemporary flair, this handbag is more than an accessory—it's a statement.

Crafted from the finest materials including veau leather, calfskin leather, and lambskin leather, it showcases a variety of textures from the pebbled grains of goatskin leather to the smooth surface of chèvre leather.

Its design features silver metallic edge accents and rose gold hardware that contrast beautifully with the leather's natural beauty. The metal plate outline and perforated outlines add a unique touch, distinguishing it from other bags.

A distinctive leather tag inside ensures authenticity, while the exterior boasts a leather that's soft yet durable.

The City Bag's versatility is highlighted by its various leather types, including the luxurious lambskin leather known for its softness and the sturdy calfskin leather, offering resilience.

Its design incorporates brogue hardware and exposed metal details, including silver finishes that enhance its aesthetic appeal.

The paper line, known for its lightweight structure, is another noteworthy aspect, offering a different take on luxury handbags.

The Papier line handbag is not just a piece of luxury; it's a testament to Balenciaga's dedication to quality and innovation. Whether displayed in a shop, carried through the city streets, or featured in a collection, it embodies the essence of high luxury.

The Balenciaga City Bag , with its mix of lambskin leather, goatskin leather, and calfskin leather, alongside its metallic Edge and rose gold details, remains a coveted piece for those who appreciate the blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

Balenciaga motorcycle bag brown

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the numbers mean on the Balenciaga bag?

There is an alphabet indicator at the end of each serial number that designates the season of the bag. The numbers on a Balenciaga bag represent the leather batch number and the style number.

Additionally, there is a number that indicates the season of the bag. In the process of authenticating a Balenciaga bag, this can be of assistance.

Is the Balenciaga City bag still popular?

There is no doubt that Balenciaga City bags continue to be desirable, particularly in light of the resurgence of Y2K fashion.

What are the different styles of Balenciaga bags?

Balenciaga offers a wide range of bag styles, including Balenciaga City, Everyday, Hourglass, and Triple S styles, each with unique design elements and sizes to choose from.

What materials are used in Balenciaga goods?

Balenciaga items are made from premium materials like lambskin leather, calfskin leather, goatskin leather, and cotton canvas, with a variety of hardware options including silver, gold, and rose gold finishes.

Where can I buy new Balenciaga bags?

You can buy new Balenciaga items from the official Balenciaga website, official Balenciaga boutiques, high-end department stores, and online luxury retailers. Happy shopping!

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