Get a $100. gift card 🎁

How to do it (10 min)

  1. Share a video or post of your purchase on Instagram or TikTok
  2. Send a link or screenshot to us at
  3. We will send you a gift card within 48 hours.

Examples from other customers 😍

Image examples 📷

Remember to tag @CollectorsCage in the photo and description

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We reward the best content

We give away a free bag every month for the most viral video made by our customers. 👜

So if you do a good job, you can win big!

Each month we check all submitted videos and see which one gets the most views, likes and comments.

We will then contact the winner directly on the email the video was sent with.

But remember; all videos that follow the rules get a gift card no matter what.

So even if you don't make the most viral videos, you still win a gift card worth $100 😍

We look forward to seeing YOUR video 🫶🏼


1) It must be made clear that you have bought the bag from us. A roof is not enough.

For example, "new bag from @CollectorsCage" must be written in the description

2) If the posting is subsequently deleted, your gift card will be deactivated.

3) The gift card can be used on virtually all goods, although there are some goods such as commission goods and jewelery that it cannot be used on.